Monday, June 7, 2010


Letter to Dan from a childhood friend,
Greg James,
Danny, it was SO good to see you tonight at Old Shawnee Days, standing proud in Uniform sporting the medals you have so humbly earned through your service to the Americans that you call beloved. Upon seeing you (first time in too many years) I had to restrain my emotions because in your absence. I had thought of you often in the past, only hearing bits and pieces of news, my worry still lingering. I indeed was overjoyed. Time does a wondrous thing to us.
Sure I miss the good old days when you and I, Joey, Wes, Bobby, and the other guys would hang out on Bonnie's front porch and have all kinds of fun. But as God would have it, we moved on into each of our own futures.

I am blessed to say that I am very happily married 22 years to a beautiful wife, with two sons brought up in the church that are honest, hard working, trustworthy, respectful and proud of this country. Hardly could a man ask for more. But I do ask for more.

I ask that we as AMERICA waken from this deep funk of liberal communistic mind programming that the enemy has brought upon us like a darkening cloud. A cloud that harbors a hidden death rattle for all that stands for what is right, good, upstanding, honest and God fearing. 

Not only has the enemy advanced, they have come under the wire, gradually introduced their agenda into our system, disguised themselves as "Americans of like mind" just as wolves in sheep's clothing. Never resting a moment, they have infiltrated, and have come to put the oppressor at the helm of our beloved country! Never have I been more worried for my fellow countrymen and comrades. This ruthless ilk continuously brainwash our children, re-write history, pound us to become multi-culturalistic, shake a finger at our patriotism and force upon us their unlawful and un-Godly views in the name of diversity and acceptance!

 I do ask for more. From our fellow man, from every true hard working American in this land and anyone who would stand beside me. I know you are in our ranks and I thank God for you Danny. I ask we stand in dire straights and face the enemy. I ask that the Giant that was awakened at Pearl Harbor and 911 be stirred to a sober wrath. A righteous, patriotic wrath that seeks to bring us from the brink of sure destruction.

 Thank you so much for the leadership you yearn to provide. We need loved ones that will give our posterity a gleaming hope in our future, and I see this in you Danny Gilyeat. Its a beautiful thing to behold. There is still a good heart in America, and it shines forth from your inner being and it makes my heart beat with pride. 

I type through blurry eyes as I send this to you because it touches me deeply to know that we still have a chance. All is not lost. I see a hope in tomorrow as long as God provides us with one. 
May the Lord guide you in all your endeavors and have mercy on us as a Nation that has seemingly forgotten Him. 

As I did today, I salute you as a beloved brother in arms and a shining hope for all Americans who love and stand for the original America that was created by our forefathers!

In all love and admiration, Greg, Pamela, Gregory, and Shadow James.

Godspeed my friend!
We will be with you 'till the end!

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