Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teleprompter Shot of the Day! Hat Tip to Rich Lowery at NRO

Why is this man President? 
He can't even speak to his Middle Class Taskforce without TOTUS. Talk about staying on message.

...and how about that middle class task force? They sure look middle class to me. Nice suits you guys and girls. Really nice suits...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Extreme Home Makeover Testimonial

This is more of a personal e-mail than one in support of your campaign, although I firmly believe, with the warrior heart that you have, you could only do good things for our country.

I didn't become a viewer of Extreme Makeover until it started as reruns on CMT. One of the most moving episodes I saw was the one that your home was built on -- but it wasn't because of the beautiful home you and your family received, it was much more precious to me than that.

I didn't see that episode until my oldest son had gotten out of Parris Island. He graduated from 3rd Mike on 12/19/2008. I'm not ashamed to say that I darn near drowned myself with all the tears that fell, not only on his graduation day but when I watched that show.

When I looked at you, I saw the devotion and love my own son has for the Corps. I saw your deep sense of responsibility and honor at being able to serve your country, no matter how you got there.

When I look at you, I see my son. Plain and simple, When I see young men like the both of you, I thank God that I live where I live and that there are men like you and my child willing to fight to make that life possible.

That episode demonstrated to me, more clearly than my son could ever articulate, how much HE loves the Corps, loves the brotherhood, loves the life that he's chosen to lead. He's only ever wanted to be in the military thanks to the movie Top Gun, which he first saw as a three year old. Imagine....;o)

I felt connected to you, as many Marine parents around this country must have also. The Marines that brought you home to your new house on the birthday of the Marine Corps were so proud to be there -- their love also so clearly showed on their faces.

In this era that we live in, of parents that don't teach their children morals and values, children that don't appreciate what they have, it is gratifying to me that there are men and women that volunteer to serve in our Armed Forces.

Young men and woman that are willing to risk being killed for the very same things that others take for granted.

As a mother, when my son enlisted in the Corps, I faced the possibility that my child would come home in a box. He bought two rings at boot camp so that God forbid he was killed in combat, I could bury one with him and have the other for myself. I pray that I never have to experience the loss of my child and am sorry that so many families have had to suffer like that. I remember when he was in boot camp, I cried, at least once a day, for all 89 days that he was in. I worked two nights of his Crucible and paced the floors of my ER. I gazed at the full moon and knew it was lighting his way on the last night that he was out there. I watched a spectacular sunrise the morning of the 13th of December and cried, knowing that he had just gotten his first EGA.

Boot camp was rough on me. He loved it, the brat ;o)

He'll leave for Okinawa for the next two years at the end of February or the beginning of March. He'll miss my 50th birthday, his 21st birthday, his brother's high school graduation and all the holidays between his departure and my first visit over there next summer.

We'll use Skype, we'll use e-mail, we'll send things back and forth but as you know, it's never the same.

I guess this e-mail really had no point except to say thank you -- you truly helped me understand what the Corps means to my child.

Thank you for your service in the Corps and your continued service as a civilian. Congratulations on the occasion of your marriage and the blending of two families. If anyone deserves happiness it's you and I'm so glad that you found it.

If you ever get to the Hampton roads area of Virginia, I’d love to say to you in person what I just said in writing.

Thank you again from a dedicated Marine Mom -- OORAH! SEMPER FI!

God bless.
Jane Matte,
Hampton Roads, VA

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exterme Makover Testimonials

Semper Fi!!! I just watched the extreme makeover that you were on in 2008 and was extremely moved and impressed. I decided to google your name to see what you were doing now and was surprised to see you running for Congress. You are truly an inspiration and I look forward to following your career when you are elected. A quick question-Have you ever considered moving to New York?? We could certainly use you up here in the North East!! Anyway, as one Marine to another, I appreciate your service as well as the sacrifices that you have made to keep our country safe. Good luck in the future after you have won election.

Semper Fi!

Michael P. Doyle
USMC (83-87)

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for risking your life for my freedom! I watched the extreme makeover edition with you and your amazing children. You impacted me and my children in a way that we will never forget. As a single parent myself I know how hard it truly is, but like you I keep pushing along. I am a nurse, and to see you interact with other wounded soldiers I see a true angel in you! Keep up the good work! You are a true genuine person! Good luck with the election, we need more people like you in the Congress to fight for the little people of this country we LOVE!  
Tabitha Smith
Dear Dan,
My name is Leah Devincenzo I am a 35 year old single mom from NJ.  I recently watched Extreme Makeover and saw your story and beautiful family.  I've always been strong (or so i thought), hardworking, and make my son my priority.  I had a very traumatic childhood and even though I am the antithesis of what my parents were, I recently suffered a bad depression.  I went through therapy and anti depressants and sat for hours discussing my past.  For what?  It was something I wanted to forget. 
Seeing your story did something to me.  It was palpable. It touched me and lifted me in a way I wish I could better put into words.  I realize that you have to "not forget" your past in order to be better than it.  And to take your weakness and turn it into something positive.  I really wanted to thank you.  I thought it was ironic also that i saw your episode twice in a week since i usually don\'t even watch it. You've made a difference to someone far away from you and I wanted you to know that.  God Bless 
Leah Clune Devincenzo

Semper Fi (my brother-in-law is a marine too)  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010