Monday, November 23, 2009

Moore's Out! Katy, Bar the Door....Beware!

In what may change the complexion of the 3rd District race in Kansas for the U.S House seat currently held by Rep. Dennis Moore (D), he announced this morning he is not going to seek reelection. The Congressman who was terrified to face his constituents this year has been reelected six times in the heavily Republican 3rd District.

Moore was regarded as a "Blue Dog Democrat" although his voting record of the last year has been decidedly far-left liberal at it's core. Moore could see the "Tea" leaves in his cup as he avoided any interaction with his Constituents during the August recess. This followed his betrayal of the principles and values of the 3rd District voters by following the Democratic Leadership and voting yea on every bill sent to the Hill and passed by the Obama Administration or Nancy Pelosi.

The heat was turned up on Moore this spring and summer with frequent Tea Party protests. As Harry Truman once said "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." Tea Party Protesters made it clear that Moore could not be reelected because of his tacit approval of every socialistic policy the Obama Administration could think up.

Republican Candidates have been running in the District since early spring but no one has caught the attention and support of voters to any great extent. However, SSgt. Dan Gilyeat's campaign got an unexpected boost recently when it was rumored that Moore had referred to him as "poor white trash" from Wyandotte County to a Hispanic leader in Kansas City, KS. The former supporter of Moore had decided to switch his support to Dan Gilyeat.

The voters would do well to check out Gilyeat who has quietly been gaining the notice of State Senator Julia Lynn and former State Senator Kay O 'Connor. He has been endorsed by the largest conservative group in Kansas, America's Independent Party, AIP, a Reagan Conservative political movement.

Many names are floating around the District in regards to Moore's retreat with many familiar names such as Nick Jordan and Charlotte O’Hara in the mix.This is sure to open the floodgates of pent up frustration by the voters and potential candidates. The problem is these are the same politicians who have run before and their ideas may be a little stale for the newly aroused Tea Party electorate who are demanding a return to conservative principles in the district.

The District has produced many RINOs such as Steve Rose and Paul Morrison who betrayed the Republican Party to run for and win the office of Attorney General as a Democrat. Morrison may have been an actual Democrat mole in our midst as he was caught in an illicit affair with a former staffer whom he left at the DA's office in Johnson County to do reconnaissance on his replacement as DA, Phil Kline.

You can be sure there will be many new names on the Democrat side in this race. The National Party will pour Millions into this race and others across the County. Pressure could be brought to bare from Party Leadership on Moore to step downearly so a replacement could be named by the Democrats. This will be the trend across the Nation. Vulnerable Democrats will resign or be forced out to allow voters to get used to the more "moderate" Democrat candidates appointed by the party leadership.

Don't be fooled! Any Democrat candidate that gets the Party's support will have a heavy price to pay for that act. Obama's minions are tough and viscous. They will demand loyalty above all else, Voters be damned.

The political landscape just changed in this District. Just don't let the lies bury you in the dirty details. This is a war for the very soul of District 3 and the entire Nation. We must defeat the march to Socialism. Maybe we need a Marine to do the fighting for us this time and there's only one of those in this race, SSgt. Dan Gilyeat.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn and called it choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable. We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem. We have abused power and called it politics.

Billy Graham

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Purple Heart Tribute Bike Project

by Robin Garbe

Daniel Gilyeat or “Danny” as his family and close friends know him is by one of the easiest people to talk to that I have ever met. The very first time I saw Daniel was on ABC Extreme Home Makeover. I remember watching the show with my Mother and thinking, “Wow, what an amazing man, and Father.” I knew that he lived just over the State line in Kansas City, KS, I live in Kansas City, MO. I thought maybe one day, somewhere I might run into Daniel and have an opportunity to Thank him for his service, for his sacrifice to our country and tell him how much I respect him for everything he has gone though. Also, that he and his children deserve the very best of everything that life has to offer them.

On, June 13, 2009 I got my chance. My Mother, also a huge Military supporter, had met Daniel at Gail’s Harley Davidson in Grandview, MO. After speaking to Daniel, he told her about “The Purple Heart Tribute Bike.” At some point, my Mother realized who he was. She was shocked that she never noticed his leg was missing, until she looked down. She invited Daniel to her annual BBQ, where both friends and family would be attending. Daniel would be her Guest of Honor, and the purpose was to try to raise money for this very special motorcycle...

“The Purple Heart Tribute Bike”.

At first I was concerned that Daniel would not show, I mean come on; he does not know any of us! It is at a private home, you get the picture. Then I was concerned that if he did come, would someone (well Me) say something insulting, stupid about his leg, or even worse, just stare at his prosthetic leg.

None of this happened, I found a man, just like any other man. Well any man that is charming, well spoken, straightforward and a natural for making those around him feel comfortable and at ease by just being himself.

After awhile, I realized that He, Daniel had not been sent to us to help him, but the other way around. As people were starting to leave the BBQ they came into the house where my family and best friend sat listening to everything he had to say about the motorcycle and losing his leg, there is a true hero’s story here. Only he does not see himself as a hero, he is just a man that was doing his duty for his country. Anyway, everyone was coming into the house to say good-bye.

The children were staring at Daniel’s prosthetic leg and asking him questions about it. The adults were all mortified and embarrassed, the children were told not to bother him. Daniel, having 4 children of his own proceeded to explain to the children how the leg works and why he has it. He was able to do this at a level that the children, in ages running from a toddle that did not really care to a 13 year old boy that just thought it was cool could understand.

At last he did what I had been most afraid of. He took off the prosthetic leg, just like you or I
would take off a shoe. It was all about educating us. We did all act like it was for the children’s sake. But we were all impressed. Everyone then wanted his or her picture taken with him. Adults and children included and Daniel seems more than happy to oblige us all.

I have now gotten to know Daniel better, since that first meeting. I wanted to write his story for this web page. However, Daniel Gilyeat’s story has been told. The one thing I wanted to know from him the most is why? Why do all this………his response, “Because God gave me a voice. To speak for those that didn’t make it.” I was silenced for the first time in my life.

The more I have gotten to know Daniel; I have found a friend, a friend that devotes much of his life to helping others. A man that believes as I do, that we must never forget those that have served our country.

This is not about Daniel Gilyeat or anyone man or woman that has served. This is for all of our veterans who have served as inspiration for others.

I want to help you understand the purpose of “The Purple Heart Tribute Bike.”

The purpose of this motorcycle is to serve as a moving memorial to the men and women that have served in The United States Armed Forces. It is for those that have returned with injuries both mentally and physically to deal with.

For those that are learning to adjust or should I say READJUST to civilian life. To those that bear the scars of war doing the things that have been asked of them to protect a country that they have loved. To protect our freedom, and the freedom of others when asked to do so. Our men and women do not decided whom to fight or where, they make the ultiment sacrifices for us without question.

They are willing to do this and to give us the blanket of freedom that we sleep under every night. This is for the men and women who have sacrificed all so that we may have all. For those that have given in foreign lands so that others may have the very freedom we take for granted.

What do they ask or have they asked in return? Nothing much, except maybe a small piece of land to bury their friend, leaders and fellow countrymen on. These are our friends, our fathers, our Mothers, Brothers, sisters and aunts and uncles as well.

I have searched for a way to show how grateful I am to these men and women, for all the wars, and the ones that were wars and never called one. I say, “Thank you.” To every veteran I meet!

This is different, this motorcycle they can see and know that we care about them and have not forgotten them.

This motorcycle will cross the country and be seen at the motivations speeches that Daniel appears at. This motorcycle will go the hospitals where are wounded are lying. It will go to the rehab centers where our veterans are recovering and they will see that we care.

Yes, Daniel is an amazing man whose front door is always open. But no more important or special than any of the other brave people who have served our country…………and used the same determination to over come unbelievable odds.

They are not alone in over coming the odds. There are many before, many now and no doubt there will be those after that will do the same. There are also those that will have a very hard time in over-coming their injuries both mentally and physical and this is the real story, ABOUT THEM.

Are you aware that most of our homeless here in this land of the free are also veterans?

After, The Great War, or better known as World War I. Many veterans returned unable to return to that civilian life they had before they left. Many of they scars that they bear were still too much. They took to the open road and many by way of a Motorcycle. They just drove, maybe towards hope, maybe from the horrors they at witness, maybe just from the pain itself. This was their escape. These are the original bikers.

This is their story, the story and the people that Daniel Gilyeat and James Wilson pay homage too. To all of those who need hope, light or encouragement in a world that they think maybe filled with no one that understands them now.

We have an opportunity, no a responsibility to show them that we do care.

Any donation will be accepted. Please help our men and women know that the blood spilled has not and will not be forgotten. It does not matter what branch they have served in or what conflict or war.

“For those that served, for the blood that has been spilled, in duty that has been forgotten.” June 18, 2009 Daniel Gilyeat.

Please help to show them that we have not forgotten even one of them!

It does not matter what branch, it does not matter if you are Republican, democrat, or any other organization………….we are all Americans!