Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear 3rd District Voters...

Today more than ever, America needs good wholesome individuals with honor and conviction to help guide our great nation. We, as a country, are experiencing, for the first time since the American Revolution genuine threats to our freedoms and sovereignty. Unless we as a nation send a clear message to Washington, America as we know it will cease to exist.

One such individual with the honor, conviction, dedication and spirit to fight for our freedoms is Daniel Gilyeat. He has already given more than any one man should be asked to give for his country. He continues to give in all that he does and shows an unbridled spirit and determination to help his fellow man and right the wrongs of this world. Dan is a humble man, who speaks his mind and plays no politics. He knows right from wrong and will not back down from a fight when justice and liberty are at stake.

Coming from humble beginnings in the heartland and working hard to better himself, Daniel Gilyeat has never been fed from a silver spoon and understands the risks and hardships endured by the common man. Having fought for his country in Iraq and losing his leg there, Daniel has seen humanity at its worst and understands the true meaning and the real cost of freedom far better than most politicians could ever hope to. It is perhaps these extreme experiences and his ability and drive to overcome that have made Dan such a true patriot, willing to give of himself to better his country and insure a future for America’s youth.

As an American and a Kansan, I am supporting Daniel Gilyeat in his bid for Kansas’ 3rd Congressional seat. Dan is as genuine as can be. With the honor, integrity and unstoppable drive that he displays, Daniel Gilyeat is a great asset to this nation and will carry those principles with him as he serves in Congress. Please get to know him and support him as Dan strives to once again serve and protect our country.

Doug Wilt
Show Your Freedom, Inc.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Warrior...from Kid Rock

Hat Tip to Timithy Kemper